I never had grandparents. I like sitting and talking to my client and being able to help. It’s a way of giving back. When I work with clients, I’m reminded not to take certain things for granted.


I have been a caregiver for over twenty years. I enjoy it because I like helping others. I love listening to stories of the past and meeting new people, even if it’s just a short period of time.


I enjoy being a caregiver to help others have a higher quality of life and true companionship. Caring for others teaches a deeper appreciation for life. Each person was specifically made for a purpose, and caring for others is mine.


My grandma  was in a nursing home. I didn’t like her being alone with limited family so I would always visit her and take her out to lunch or shopping. I love my job and care about my clients. I am helping soul.  That’s why I am a caregiver. I know my grandma would be so proud.


I have worked for several Home Healthcare Facilities, but HHC treats us like family. There is so much respect and admiration here. I love the owner and management team. I enjoy the atmosphere we work as a team. It’s my favorite caregiving place to be.


There are many reasons I love working for HHC Solutions but here are a few things that make me feel appreciated and important. Heather our RN is always able and willing to help me with the needs of our clients. If I ever need time off of work Heather or Taunya  is always available to help me re-adjust my work schedule to accommodate the time off I need, they always seem to come through. The Management team treats us more like a friend or family member then an employee. It’s very important for the clients to have a perfect match with each Caregiver,  our managers are keen in helping the clients to make that perfect match. I plan to be with HHC Solutions for a long time.